What is Circles of Support?

Swindon Circles of Support is a new opportunity for local people to make a difference to life where they live in Swindon. It provides a way for individual residents to match their time, skills and helpfulness with an older person in need of a little extra help.

No one imagines their older years to be a time where loneliness, social isolation, health related conditions, self confidence and companionship are daily challenges. In reality, we have hundreds of older people across Swindon who for many reasons find that they need a little extra help. Families can move away, a loved one can die, friends get older themselves, and health issues can mean getting out and about is no longer easy.VECTOR TREE

This is where local people can make a massive difference.

Swindon Circles of Support sets out to find small amounts of help to support an older person with daily tasks, transport, companionship and meeting up with other people. All our clients are referred to us via local services who believe voluntary support will help keep these people active and independent for longer. We will work with each person at the level, and on the activities, that they have chosen to connect with. Where required, we will provide training for our volunteers, develop skills for volunteers and clients, and help with choosing the right experience and options for each person. We will broker and facilitate positive contact and social realtionships between older people, their carers, their families and local volunteers.


It is part of the national Cities of Service Programme. To find out more about Cities of Service and how Circles of Support fits in to the national programme, please click the logo below