Why I love Swindon – Leader of the Council

Swindon is a great place to live. We sit surrounded by the Ridgeway hills and have all the benefits of life in a town with many amenities. For over fifty years, thousands of people have moved to Swindon to benefit from  employment, family connections and  local networks. Swindon is about the people who live here and place we want to create for each other.

Swindon has it’s challenges. We have worked hard  in recent years to sustain good services for local people, great leisure facilities and are now seeing the results of work to transform the town centre.

I am delighted that Swindon is part of the Cities of Service movement. The town’s heritage is built on the efforts of working people striving to make a difference to improve where they live. We have buildings and community groups in the town which tell this story. Today we benefit from a diverse and active voluntary and community sector and see a new opportunity for more local people to feel connected and involved in their local area.

2014 has been a poignant year with the centenary of the start  of World War One, the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. It has reminded us about the significant but sometimes forgotten  contribution of our older generation in their younger years and their value in our lives today. Swindon Circles is about looking out for our older people across the town and working  together with established local groups, faith communities, residents groups, neighbourhood watch, lunch clubs and other local opportunities, we can make a difference.

I am proud to live in Swindon and have no doubt that Swindon people will want to get involved in practical opportunities that make a difference to someone in their community.

Leader of the Council  – David Renard

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