How does it feel to be a Circles volunteer?

Being a Circles volunteer can be a very rewarding experience…Disabled woman and partner in parking lot

Volunteers are at the heart of Circles of Support so we make sure all of our volunteers are looked after and feel valued.

Once your application has been received you will be invited for an informal chat.  This will be a great opportunity for you to tell us why you want to volunteer  with Circles and also for you to decide whether Circles is right for you.

After this informal chat you will be invited to attend relevant training sessions for the volunteering role such as dementia awareness, emergency first aid, and seated exercise. We will be running our training on a frequent basis so if you miss one lot you will have the opportunity to attend the next round of training.

Will I be supported throughout my volunteering?

Yes, we have link workers whose role it is to support and regularly keep in contact with you.  They will ensure you are enjoying your volunteer role and will offer you support. If you have any questions, problems or concerns about your role then they are the people to go to for help.

What we ask of you?

  • To honour the commitment you have made to your volunteering role
  • To respect all Circles of Support policies and procedures
  • To keep us updated with your progress as you volunteer and keep us informed of anything that may affect your volunteering
  • To give us adequate notice if you are unable to complete any voluntary task
  • Not to commit to a responsibility that you know you may not be able to fulfil
  • To let us know if you are having any difficulties or problems with your volunteer role
  • To respect confidentiality
  • To make every effort to attend training sessions

What you can expect from us!

We really value you as volunteers and appreciate that as well as us asking for your time there are things that you will want from us. Below is a list of things that you can expect from us:

  • You will always be valued and respected as a volunteer
  • A clear explanation of what activities you will be expected to do in your role
  • A full induction into Circles of Support along with relevant training
  • Regular checks that you are enjoying your volunteering role along with guidance, supervision and support from your link worker
  • Assurance you won’t be asked to do anything or go anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable and that you will be supported in any work you do
  • The right to say no or change your mind regarding a voluntary activity without feeling guilty
  • The opportunity to change or take on additional volunteering roles within Circles
  • To have problems or concerns dealt with sensitively

Join the Forum!

We want to make sure all our volunteers feel part of the great work we are doing across the borough. When you sign up, you will have access to a separate section of the website where volunteers receive additional information, can discuss their roles, talk to their peers and receive regular updates.

Doesn’t cost anything more than your time